Edward D. Hoch

The Sherlock Holmes Stories of Edward D. Hoch

A dozen marvelous tales of deduction, featuring history's most famous detective.
In a heavily mortgaged country house, an heiress's sinister guardian attempts to trap her in a bedroom with a rare Indian swamp adder — a murder averted only by the timely intervention of Sherlock Holmes. Five months after the events of 'The Adventure of the Speckled Band,' Holmes and Watson are called back to Stoke Moran by a frightened gypsy who claims that the viper has gotten loose again. Holmes is unsure which poses a greater danger: the rumored snake, or the possibility that the gypsy is telling lies.
In these dozen tales, short story master Edward D. Hoch resurrects the most brilliant mind in the history of detective fiction. In the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes tangles with circus tigers, Druidic curses, and a pair of Christmas killings. Here is the finest detective of the Victorian age — recreated by one of the greatest mystery writers of the twentieth century.

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