Elisabeth Mcneill

Turn of the Tide

Three women in a Scottish fishing village look toward the future after a devastating tragedy in this life-affirming novel inspired by historical events.
After a catastrophic storm tore through the village of Eyemouth in 1881, the villagers have slowly started to move on. Inconsolable at the loss of her husband, Rosabelle Maltman has left Scotland to start a new life, leaving her son behind. Meanwhile her sister-in-law, Jessie, is finding ways to manipulate the men of the village for her own gains. But it is their mother-in-law Effie who is the lynchpin of the family, who keeps the community spirit alive in Eyemouth and helps the grieving women to rebuild their lives.
Perfect for fans of Ellie Dean and Anna Jacobs.
Praise for Turn of the Tide
 “The strength of McNeill’s writing is in the strong, engaging, and varied characters—particularly the women—and in the compassion, gentle humor, and warmth with which she infuses the tale. Historical romance and mystery fans will be hooked.” —Booklist
182 printed pages
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Canelo, Canelo Saga
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