Arthur Clarke

Rama Revealed

In the New York Times–bestselling conclusion to the award-winning Rama series, a human colony aboard Rama III approaches the ultimate confrontation.
Two thousand humans have been trapped on the enormous spaceship Rama III, bound for the Raman Node orbiting Sirius. As they hurtle through interstellar space, the human population has formed a violent authoritarian society—one that has imprisoned astronaut Nicole Wakefield. After a daring escape with help from her husband Richard, the Wakefields flee into the labyrinthine bowels of the ship, where they find themselves in the domain of the octospiders—technologically advanced beings that may be friend or foe.
As the human colony pursues the Wakefields, the situation aboard Rama III approaches all-out war. But Rama’s Nodal intelligence is always watching . . .
Written by Clarke’s longtime collaborator Gentry Lee, Rama Revealed marks the climax of the popular and critically acclaimed Rama series—in which humans finally encounter the advanced alien intelligences behind the vast and mysterious spaceships.
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