Tim Bradford

A London Country Diary

  • Anastasia Savinahas quoted6 years ago
    Most people, if they pray, pray for material things – cars, houses, holidays, cash – or stuff like getting someone nice-looking to love them. I’ve always prayed for one thing (and when I say prayed I mean hoped really hard with my eyes closed): that a really good cafe would open up just down the end of my road.
  • Anastasia Savinahas quoted6 years ago
    The shopkeeper was not fazed. ‘Bloody Highbury. Every time I bring up some topic of conversation, one of our customers will go, “I’ve written a book about that”.
  • Anastasia Savinahas quoted6 years ago
    Everyone has a favourite tree. Don’t they? Like a soulmate, but with bark and leaves and squirrels living in it and dogs pissing against the side of it.
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