Mark Brown

New Concept Mathematics

At least three of  out of every five grade 12 students have little or no interest in arithmetical aspect of Mathematics. At least 7 out of 10 educated adults would tell you they managed to scale through passing Mathematics back in their high schools and tertiary education. It is no doubt that the principles of basic mathematics could look very obscure and ambiguous, so it is normal you're struggling with it, you're not alone. From my few years of teaching mathematics, I discovered an approach that worked effectively that even the laziest of my students can explain a great deal of topics in basic mathematics. It's all about the approach. So be relaxed.

In the preparation of this material, a thorough research was done to determine topics that should be treated. The topics selected are topics that are useful not only to secondary school students, but they perfectly meet the needs of adults who are seeking to build or reignite their interest in basic mathematics. This book gives a detailed explanation of every steps in each topics with practical examples in an interactive manner. Fewer pages and exercises to prevent boredom unlike others. Some of the important topics treated are :

Percentage and its applications

Rules of mathematical operation ordering

Profit and loss

Discounts and commission

Fractions and their applications…..and some other topics.

It's highly recommendable for those who want to build and reignite their passion for mathematics regardless of their ages. A simple aspect of arithmetic can put you in a big mess if you don't get it right now, studying effectively this material will certainly and assuredly save you from such mess and help build and boost your confidence in basic mathematical concept.
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