Vladimir Kishinets

Bio-revolution & Futurology

The book contains a popular description of the results of the analysis of some humanitarian (socio-psychological, economic, political, etc.) consequences of the development of emerging technologies for managing human biology.
54 printed pages
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  • Alwin Sambulhas quoted3 years ago
    There is only one way out of this impasse, which seems paradoxical at first glance — we need to change and improve… biology of people themselves
  • Alwin Sambulhas quoted3 years ago
    human bio-physiology, formed by evolution, is very imperfect. One of the consequences of this is, for example, thousands of fatal diseases and minor ailments that torment people.
  • Alwin Sambulhas quoted3 years ago
    At the end of 2018, a chinese professor announced the birth of two twin girls in whose embryo he “disabled” the CCR5 gene. He explained this as a desire to make children immune to their father’s HIV infection.
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