Deep Work

Another day, another Zoom meeting. Just how to make this one a little less boring than the previous hundred? A secret toy under the desk would help. A living, breathing toy. On her knees, wearing a short plaid skirt and knee-high white socks — innocent high school girl style — with her perfect breasts exposed. She's gagged. Blindfolded. Her petite wrists have been tightly bound with smooth, black rope. And she's waiting for her call, for you to release her, eager to please you… Thank God for the mute button!

Embouchure & VV did it again: “Deep Work” is a story on fire, not just sexy but hilarious in some moments, with interesting nuances of role and power play, consensual and cheeky at all times. It's entertaining, fun, and oh-so-hot — a fantasy played out, a dream come true, something many of us certainly have fantasized about even before the world shut down. The perfect inspiration on how to spice up an otherwise dull home office day.
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