David Handler

The Girl Who Did Say No

The exciting new title in the Death Sentences series of mysteries set in the world of books. Bestselling author David Handler gives us another tale featuring his popular creation, writer Stewart Hoag.
Stewart 'Hoagy' Hoag used to be a celebrated author — he became friends with celebrities, was a New York City A-Lister, and even married a famous actress. But, after a serious case of writer's block, Hoag suddenly seems to lose it all, and is left making a living as a ghostwriter, with nobody but his loyal basset hound Lulu by his side.
Hoag's latest project is to transcribe the extensive diary collection of recently deceased actress Anna Childress. As it turns out, he's not the only one after the secretive diaries. Hoag and Lulu get mixed up with powerful Hollywood execs who don't want the diaries to be revealed to the public — perhaps for good reason.
61 printed pages
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