Jessie M. Tatlock

Ancient Greek Mythology

The mythology of any people is interesting because it reflects their individual nature and developing life; that of the Greeks is more interesting to us than any other, firstly because it expresses the nature of a people gifted with a peculiarly fine and artistic soul; secondly, because our own thought and art are, in great part, a heritage from the civilization of Greece. Much of this heritage comes to us quite directly from the Greek writers and artists whose works have been preserved. This book is a unique guide into the world of Greek gods and heroes. In a simple yet very interesting way, “Greek and Roman Mythology” brings the fascinating stories of the classical mythology which shaped the thought and artistic expression of the entire Western civilization.
The Gods
The World of the Myths
The Gods of Olympus: Zeus
Hera, Athena, Hephæstus
Apollo and Artemis
Hermes and Hestia
Ares and Aphrodite
The Lesser Deities of Olympus
The Gods of the Sea The Gods of the Earth
The World of the Dead
The Heroes
Stories of Argos
Heracles (Hercules)
Stories of Crete, Sparta, Corinth, and Aetolia
Stories of Attica
Stories of Thebes
The Argonautic Expedition
The Trojan War The Wanderings of Odysseus
The Tragedy of Agamemnon
The Legendary Origin of Rome
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