Counselor's Interracial Gangbang

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Chelsea thought she was going to spend an entire week banging her lusty pastor—but when she arrived at the so-called religious retreat, he’d already found someone else! Now she’s mad as a hornet, horny as hell, and drunk. That’s a bad combination…unless she can find some well-hung counselors who are in the mood for some sexy fun!

Hey, what about the three cute guys sitting around her campfire? They’re all sexy, and it sure looks like they’re seriously hung and ‘up’ for an adventure! Can she take all three of them at once? Especially since Pierce is a huge black stud who’s built like a stallion!
One thing’s for sure…if Chelsea survives, she’s going to be walking funny for a week!
~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
Pierce reacted first. His big hand closed around the water bucket, and he dumped the entire thing over the dancing flames. Smoke rose in a hissing cloud as the golden firelight abruptly vanished. “I think it’s time we put you to bed,” he chuckled.

Chelsea’s mouth widened in a giddy smile. “That’s exactly what I was hoping you’d say!”

“No, I didn’t mean…” He flushed a little as she misunderstood him…deliberately? Well, what did it matter? She was too plowed to know what she really meant or wanted. “Come on, guys, you can help me get her into that last cabin, the one down by the lake. That way no one will know that she’s had a little too much to drink.”

“Will you stay with me?” She swayed as Van and Kyle grabbed her arms and hoisted her to her feet, then gently began to propel her into the darker shadows. “All three of you?”

“Sure thing, sugar,” Van murmured soothingly. “Come on, now. Kyle, watch that tree root. Low bridge, Chelsea.” He rested a hand on her shoulder, and eased her under a low-hanging branch. “Good girl. You’re doing just fine.”

“Not yet. But I sure hope so real soon!” Clumsily she groped for his belt, and ended up nearly smacking him in the groin. “Are you horny, too?”

When he caught her hand and held it carefully away from his waist, she turned to Kyle and tried to rub seductively against him. “How about you, cutie?”

Kyle groaned; he just couldn’t help it. Chelsea might be drunk, but she was seriously gorgeous, and she had a magnificent body. He’d nearly shot a load when he’d seen the firelight dancing over her luscious pearly tits! “How much further is that cabin?” he begged, and was mortified when his voice emerged half-strangled. Quickly he cleared his throat, and tried to force it back down to its normal baritone register. “You need some sleep, Chelsea.”

“I need sex a whole lot more.” Impishly she stared directly at his crotch and ran her tongue across her bottom lip. “I think you do, too!”

The look Kyle shot across her head was imploring. Van grinned and rolled his eyes. “Come on, Chelsea,” he urged, and gently eased her away from the conflicted blond cowboy. “Just a little bit further.”

Moonlight sparkled like diamonds on the huge lake. She wobbled a little as they stepped free of the trees, and whistled her rapt approval. “How about a midnight skinny dip, Van?” she laughed.

“Time to get some sleep,” Pierce rumbled. “You’ll feel better in the morning.”

“I don’t want to sleep.” She pouted prettily up at him. Wet heat tingled seductively between her thighs as she hungrily scanned his muscular body. Damn, she was so horny!

Then a sly gleam lit her eyes. “Are you big all over?”
Pierce fought to keep his body from betraying him, and blessed the deep shadows. He was only human, after all, and her lush nearly-naked breasts were a temptation that would drive even a saint half-mad with lust. “Come on, boys,” he muttered, and tried to turn away.

Chelsea was quicker. Maybe she was starting to sober up a little, or maybe she just got lucky. But her eager hand darted unerringly for his crotch, and froze him in his tracks. “Oooh, you are!” she crooned, and squeezed him teasingly.

“We can’t do this.” Kyle’s voice shook as Chelsea turned on him again. “It’s wrong…”

“Why?” She sounded perfectly lucid as she rotated her shoulders, and her flimsy blouse fell down her back. “I want you, and I know damned well that you want me, too.” Her gaze darted down, and lingered. “All you have to do is reach out and take what I’m offering.”

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