Eliza Gordon

Hollie Porter's Hat Trick Christmas

“It’s 100% on-brand Hollie Porter chaos.” ~ Katie Reads
Hollie Porter has her fifth Christmas with hunky hockey husband Ryan all planned out. But when a massive storm grounds her man on the mainland, Hollie must work double time to keep the Revelation Cove guests happy, fed—and rabies-free.
They say bad things come in threes, but in hockey, three goals by one player is called a hat trick. Despite weather woes, a group of masked party crashers, and a very merry strip tease gone wrong, can Hollie still score a hat trick of her own on the Big Day?
Come on up to the Cove for a hilarious holiday romp full of romance, cookies, and chaos—as if you’d expect anything less from our beloved Hollie.
74 printed pages
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SGA Books
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