Juha Öörni

Beautiful & Clear Eyes

Beautiful & Clear Eyes: How to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Puffiness Under the Eyes

Have you ever awoken to find those horrible dark circles under your eyes? Most of us have experienced this several times in our lives.  We usually blame the dark circles on a “sleepless night.” And, sometime that can indeed be the cause.

The dark puffy circles you see under your eyes may actually be caused by a variety of things. For example, they may be inherited or they may be caused by an increase in pigment in that area. They can be also caused by sleeping on your stomach or by allergies.  When you have an important meeting or interview in the morning, or dinner party or date that evening, the cause may not be quite as important as the remedy!

This book has the answers you need! You don't have to run to the doctor for an expensive laser treatment. In this book, the author lists several ways to minimize the appearance of those dark circles. These time tested remedies are easy on the pocketbook, and go way beyond simply sticking cucumber slices over your eyes for a few minutes. One of the remedies in this book will surely work for you!
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