THOMAS Johnson

The Transitus

This is the second book in Thomas Johnson's classic Romantic Fantasy story of a prince and his valiant quest to restore his land after a deadly attack wipes out half its population.

In this volume, Gabriel prepares to meet Borra in battle.

Prince Gabriel, along with Aylin and his closest aides, trek high into the Custelle Mountain Range seeking the Transitus, a well-hidden high-tech platform intended to defend against major attacks against their land. After leaving the mountains, Gabriel dispatches his team to the farthest reaches of the continentem to gather soldiers for the coming battle.

The prince journeys alone to the Azarael Mountain range where he hopes to find critical help for his mission to restore his land. Throughout his journey, he encounters beautiful lands and wondrous people.

Meanwhile, Borra, the evil leader of the Belloran forces, sets sail with 500 weaponized ships he will use to wipe out Lord Gabriel's forces in one massive attack.

Will Gabriel and Aylin prepare their forces in time?
230 printed pages
Original publication


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