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Conversational Russian Dialogues

When face-to-face with a real Russian speaker, do you freeze?

Do you know how to ask for directions in Russian or communicate if there's an emergency?

If your answer to any of the previous questions was 'Yes', then this book is for you!

If there's anything more challenging than learning the grammar rules of a new language, it's knowing what to say and having the courage to speak with confidence.

We know how you feel — You always try to avoid making embarrassing mistakes or not getting your message through correctly, but it will happen anyway.

'How do I get out of this situation?',  You may ask yourself, but have yet to find a straight-forward answer.

Until now.

We have compiled 50 Russian Stories along with their translations, providing new Russian speakers with the necessary tools to begin effectively studying how to set a meeting, how to check into a hotel and even what to say during an emergency!

Our Russian dialogues get straight to the point saving you precious time. There's no benefit learning words and phrases you will never actually use!

If you want to learn Russian quickly and have a ton of fun along the way, obviously, this book is for you!

How Conversational Russian Dialogues works:

•       Each new chapter will have a fresh, new story between two or more people who wish to solve a common, day-to-day problem that you will most likely experience in real life.

•       A Russian version of the conversation will take place first, followed by an English translation. This ensures that you fully understood just what it was that they were saying!

•       Before and after the main section of the book, we shall provide you with an introduction and conclusion that will offer you important strategies, tips and tricks to allow you to get the absolute most out of this learning material.

•       That's about it! Simple, useful and incredibly helpful; you will NOT need another conversational Russian book once you have started reading and studying this one!

Focus on getting from zero to conversationally fluent, so you can:

Travel or live in Russia or any Russian speaking country without relying on Google Translate

Join Russian conversations with your Russian speaking coworkers, friends, or family members

Date Russian-speakers without embarrassing yourself

Stop getting passed over for jobs or promotions for less-qualified people who are bilingual

We want you to feel confident while learning Russian; after all, there should never be a language barrier stopping you from traveling around the world and expanding your social circles!

So look no further! Grab your copy of Conversational Russian Dialogues and start learning Russian right now!
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