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How to Avoid Manipulation

  • Molly K.has quoted2 years ago
    All genuine human emotions are hidden under the symbols, which, one way or another, have nothing to tell us.
  • b3723168875has quoted2 years ago
    But keep in mind that you can be assessed with equal ease.
  • Melvin Joy Odhiambohas quotedlast month
    Be ready to leave. Don’t get involved in infighting and accusations. Don’t make excuses. If you are wrong, just apologize. It should be enough. If you have caused significant damage to human feelings, ask what you can do to make it up. If you get no answer, be ready to go away. It is not about your guilt; it is about his/her accusations.
  • Melvin Joy Odhiambohas quotedlast month
    Be vigilant. Do not fall for complaints and manipulations. Relationships mean the presence in the life of the other person but not saving it. Do not confuse it with the direct request for help. If someone asks you for help, then help him/her as much as it is possible to you.
  • Melvin Joy Odhiambohas quotedlast month
    Is it necessary for me?
    - What do I get from this?
    - What are my benefits?
    Get used to ask yourself and give sensible answers to yourself. Then self-criticism will disappear by itself, and the feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind will come (because you have heard the vibrations of your inner world and followed your real Personality... because it is so pleasant!)
  • Melvin Joy Odhiambohas quotedlast month
    Learn, living with awareness, to always ask the following questions:
    - Do I like it or not?
    - Why should I?
  • Melvin Joy Odhiambohas quotedlast month
    Then awareness is involved: recognize (with surprise) your real desires, denote your territory (which no one has the right to enter), set goals and activate the mode of “the large white bird.”
  • Melvin Joy Odhiambohas quotedlast month
    addition to these tricks, manipulators actively use flattery, the sentiment of pity, fear, appeal to authority and so on. It is not necessary to know all their techniques well to feel that something is wrong.
  • Allegrahas quotedlast year
    And when there is a desire to change the situation for better, instantly, as if by magic, we become especially susceptible to various kinds of suggestion. At this moment, it is very easy to forget that magic does not exist, and the manipulator is by no means a real wizard.
  • Allegrahas quotedlast year
    Such tactics are especially often used by male aggressors against a female. And this is also one of the most common advertising techniques: first, the viewer is given an illusion that he/she is incomplete without some significant object, and then the appropriate product is proposed together with the image of a prosperous and joyful person.
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