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Fabulous cooking without meat!

Satisfying and tasty meat-free dishes? With our varied recipes from all over the world vegetables are a grand success! Our delicious salads and crisp vegetables, clever potato, rice and noodle dishes as well as those with whole grains and lentils will win over anyone.
Bring variety to your table and spoil yourself and your family with these enticing ideas and ever new combinations. You'll soon forget meat, sausages and fish.

– Varied and versatile recipes for every occasion
– Great photo with every recipe
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  • Екатерина Рябоваhas quoted2 years ago
    Mexican eggs
    with avocado
  • Екатерина Рябоваhas quoted2 years ago
    Aubergines with garlic
    and sunflower seed dip

    Запеченные баклажаны с соусом

  • Екатерина Рябоваhas quoted2 years ago
    Poacher’s mushrooms
    with parsley roots

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