Ivy Manning

Crackers & Dips

“Happy Hour—brunch, snacks and picnics—will never be the same. Ivy Manning has given us a new reason to head to the kitchen and a new treat to love.” —Dorie Greenspan, James Beard Award–winning, New York Times bestselling author
This is the DIY guide to making homemade crackers, with fifty-two formulas for crisp snacks and the luscious dips to eat them with, all celebrated with twenty-five playful photographs. Portland, Oregon-based food writer and baker Ivy Manning capitalizes on the pure flavors of whole grains, real butter, cheese, fresh spices, and no preservatives in her formulas for crunchy, sweet, and savory treats, all made to pair with a chapter’s worth of creamy, gooey dips, and schmears. Recipes and tips are for bakers of all skill levels and tastes, with formulas for vegan, gluten-free, and whole-grain crisps. This adorable book is timed perfectly for the cracker-making trend and makes the ideal gift for the baker or entertainer who takes pride in making everything from scratch.
“If you’ve never been a fan of crackers, this book will change your mind. Full of crisp mouth-watering treats, salty and sweet, some with whole-grain flours—you will want to try them all.” —Maria Speck, award-winning author of Simply Ancient Grains
“Whether the aim is a healthy afternoon snack or a fancy cracker appetizer for our next dinner party, Ivy Manning shows us how to make crackers for each and every occasion.” —Kitchn
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