Gustave Le Bon

The Crowd; study of the popular mind

The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind is a brilliant treatise on the workings of crowds. Gustave Le Bon examines many different kinds of crowds and how they work. He differentiates between different kinds of crowds such as mobs, juries, elected bodies, and simple crowds. This landmark book is one of the most influential books ever written on this subject. An important book for anyone studying or working in the fields of sociology, law, and psychology.
202 printed pages
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    Rrezearta Elezihas quoted3 years ago
    A collective mind is formed, doubtless transitory, but presenting very clearly defined characteristics.
    Rrezearta Elezihas quoted3 years ago
    Crowds are only powerful for destruction.
    Rrezearta Elezihas quoted3 years ago
    There is no power, Divine or human, that can oblige a stream to flow back to its source.

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