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Liver Detox Foods Nutrition & Herbs

Voted top 43 naturopaths worldwide, Dr. Ameet gives you the top foods, herbs, supplements, natural therapies and homeopathic remedies for liver health, fatty liver, leaky gut, cancer, heart disease, anxiety, depression, insomnia, PMS, fibroids and thyroid issues. Find the simplest and most effective natural remedies to heal your body and your mind.

Getting this book will help you heal your liver and heal:

IBS, leaky gut and inflammation

Gallstones and fatty liver

Hormone imbalance, PMS, infertility

Eczema, psoriasis and skin issues

Weight loss, insulin resistance, fat storage and blood sugar

Heart disease and high blood pressure

Anxiety, depression and mental health

Thyroid health, adrenal fatigue and sexual stamina

And so much more…

Read this book and benefit from:

Liver friendly foods, nutrients and herbs for fatty liver, gallstones and 2 phases of detoxification

Homeopathic remedies to deeply cleanse and heal your liver

Healing your liver with breathing and emotional release

Minimizing supplements that don’t heal the root cause of disease

Glutathione, selenium, NAC and other powerful antioxidants

Top liver herbs including milk thistle and dandelion

Reducing inflammation everywhere in your body

And a lot more…

Getting the liver detox book will also support community projects in Africa with Dr. Ameet’s help. Scroll up and get your most valuable liver book yet.
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