Hollis Lance Liebman

Anatomy of Strength and Conditioning

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Reviews for the print edition of Anatomy of Exercise (in the same series):
Fascinating … useful for anyone interested in enhancing their fitness routine as well as fitness instructors who want to visually show their customers the benefits of each exercise.
--American Reference Book Annual
One of the best books written as a reference manual for understanding exercise… Great how-to instructions.
--Men's Exercise
The winning format of the Anatomy of… series was established quickly with the first title, The Anatomy of Exercise. The success of the series lies not only in the innovative presentation but in the variety of titles offered, which gives readers the opportunity to pick and choose according to their needs and goals.
Anatomy of Strength and Conditioning is a great how-to reference for those who wish to “up their game” and train for activities requiring high performance — strength, speed, aerobic capacity and accuracy — all essential to success in such sports as soccer, hockey, skiing, climbing and rowing as well as marathons and other endurance activities. The book is also an ideal way to achieve overall fitness.
Like each of the other titles in the series this book: Opens with two (front/back) full-body annotated anatomical drawings Shows specific exercises with instructions and annotated anatomical drawings and corresponding photographs Labels all muscles used with bold text to indicate target muscles Provides helpful notes throughout to amplify the how-to instructions: Best For (the muscles getting the maximum effect), Targets (muscles worked), Benefits (effect of the
Anatomy of Strength and Conditioning offers 29 Strength Exercises and 28 Conditioning Exercises, plus a full set of Warm-Up Exercises. There are six specialized Workouts to choose from: Beginner's, Sports, Mixed-Modalities, Range, Melting-Pot and Kamikaze. Lifelike anatomical illustrations demonstrate each exercise and reveal in colorful detail exactly which muscles are engaged — a great way to focus exercises to a specific problem area.
No other book provides such rich detail tailored to the general reader. Athletes of all experience levels, fitness trainers, coaches, physiotherapists and many others will find Anatomy of Strength and Conditioning instructive and extremely practical.
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335 printed pages
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    1. Lie flat on your back. Your right arm should be raised straight out above your chest, and your left arm should be at your side.

    2. Flex your right knee and place your right foot flat on the floor.

    3. Rotate your core slightly to the left and lift your shoulders off the floor, supporting your weight on your left forearm. Next, plant your left hand on the floor and lift yourself up to a sitting position.

    4.Lift your hips skyward and tuck your left leg under your body to support yourself on your left knee.

    5. Lift your left hand off the floor and push through your right foot to a standing position, keeping your right arm stretched over your head throughout the exercise.

    6. Return to the starting position. Perform 10 repetitions per arm.


    • Shoulders

    • Core

    • Thighs

    • Glutes

    • Upper back

    • Triceps


    • Increases stability in the hips and aids balance throughout the body

    Do It Right

    • Keep your back flat throughout the movement.


    • Excessively swinging your hips throughout the motion..

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