Pamela Wright

Keto Fat Bombs

Many times when we are in ketosis, we feel hungry and have craving for sweet treats. How can we eat sweet things without going out of ketosis? Keto fat bombs are perfect snacks to eat at this time, because they are made of about 85% fats and they do not kick you out of ketosis. As a matter of fact, they can help maintain energy to keep you going during your busy day. Since keto is a low carb high fat diet and many food found in the restaurant and fast food does not comply with our low carb, high dietary requirements.

This single reason is what has made many people following a ketogenic diet deviate towards an alternative (wrong) diet they felt was easy diet and end up frustrated, even gaining  more weight than they should have lost. Keto fat bombs are delicious low carb high fat recipes that are perfect on your keto diet journey.

All recipe in this book are well written, you will find detailed information on how to make your own perfect fat bombs.
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