Loretta Chase

Not Quite A Lady

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  • Merylhas quoted3 years ago
    I’m sorry.

    He heard her breath catch.

    He lightly kissed the corner of her mouth.

    Please forgive me.

    A tremor went through her.

    He kissed her nose.

    Her eyes fluttered closed.

    He brushed feather kisses at the top of her eyebrows.

    “Oh,” she said softly.

    He kissed her temples and the corners of her eyes. He kissed the top of her ear and made a path of featherlight kisses along her jaw and kissed her chin and continued up to her other ear.
  • Merylhas quoted3 years ago

    It made one blind, truly. Blind to others. Blind to past, present, and future. Blind to all but one conscienceless man and the wicked feelings he inspired: desire…passion…

    They were poetic words for simple animal urges. She saw that now, too late. Those feelings quickly faded.
  • roubaazourhas quoted7 years ago
    She wished she could find something wrong with him that showed. Providence was not at all fair in that way. What it ought to do was leave an indelible mark on wicked men. Preferably a scarlet A on their foreheads.
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