Summary of High Output Management

Summary of High Output Management by Andrew S. Grove| Includes Analysis


First published in 1983, High Output Management by Andrew Grove is a management guide based on Grove’s 15 years of managerial experience and knowledge as a co-founder, president, and chief executive of Intel. As Grove emphasizes in a new introduction to the book, globalization and the information revolution have dramatically changed the workforce, making people ever more replaceable and the market ever more competitive. Companies must adapt to these changes or face their own irrelevance and extinction. The same holds true for workers andmanagers. Managers, especially middle managers, are often overlooked in business books and forgotten in organizations, yet they are immensely important not only to businesses but to society more broadly. In order to survive and to thrive in their careers, managers must constantly enhance their value by learning and adapting to a changing, often unpredictable business environment…

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    Peak performance” and “personal best” are terms most frequently heard in the sports world.
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    To run an operation successfully and measure impact, managers need to use a set of indicators. Each indicator should focus on a specific operational goal.
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    One aspect of this work is communication

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