Zak Jane Keir

Sticky Fingers & Warm Leatherette

When the drinks had been served, and Rubberlover had put his change away in the little wristpouch he wore, Jimmy took a deep breath and asked, ‘So, what do they do with their houseboys?’
It wasn’t terribly easy to interpret an expression through the latex mask, but Jimmy still got the feeling Rubberlover was grinning. ‘They own them,’ he said. ‘Have you ever belonged to anyone?’

A newbie sub comes up with the perfect birthday present for the mistress he adores…
A game of Truth or Dare goes further than expected when fantasies are shared…
A DJ becomes erotically obsessed with the girl who calls him every week to talk dirty…
A Master and a Mistress find their mutual attraction is too hot to handle, even though neither is willing to submit…

All this and more: seven sexy stories from an author with a reputation for having experienced most of it before she wrote about it.
108 printed pages



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