Christian D.Larson

The Pathway Of Roses

This is a book of delightful idealism, sane, awakening, life-giving. There are in it twenty-eight chapters, each concluded with a page of lovable, inspiring precept or philosophy. In the midst of it all are but three poems, the rest is solid matter, refreshing to mind and soul. To some this may sound like “little drops of water,” but this book will instill a soul-quality into the nature of whoever reads it in devotion to God. It is full of beautiful Christian spirit that takes the “staleness” out of life-and guile and complaint, and gives vim and wholesomeness. If you are morbid or discontented or fearful or off the Path, read this book.

This is the annotated edition including an essay about the author and the New Thought Movement in Cincinnati, which he founded
266 printed pages
Original publication



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