Deborah Moore

Polar Storm

A nonstop blizzard puts one man in a desperate fight for survival in this action-packed prepper thriller from the author of The Journal series.
A major snow storm covering most of the northern states isn’t that unusual. One that stays for months on end is very unusual—and it’s a killer.
Parker is an easygoing young man who has had every advantage in life, including wealthy parents who have given him everything he’s ever wanted. But after agreeing to live in the woods of northern Michigan for a year, he soon finds that kind of spoiled life has not prepared him for life off-grid—in the woods—in the ruthless wintertime.
But with the help of the teenaged boy next door, he begins to learn how to survive in the woods, and just in time. A winter storm of unprecedented magnitude is bearing down on them, and it will take everything they have to make it out alive.
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