George Pain

Selling on Etsy

Ever thought about starting an Etsy business as a side income? Or do you have one, but have no idea how to monetize it?

Etsy is a global marketplace where craft entrepreneurs make millions of dollars by selling handmade crafts and vintage products. If you are talented or skilled in do-it-yourself handmade crafts or you have access to such skills and products, then, Etsy is the place for you.
This book provides you with information on how to open an Etsy storefront and launch your handmade empire. Etsy is a multibillion-dollar marketplace where a budding entrepreneur can start, grow and scale up enough to take up a significant share of these billions. There are those who have made this giant success, nothing can stop you. All you need is information on how to achieve this huge success. It is this information that we are providing to you in this book.
Scaling up your business and automating it is what will grow your empire and differentiate it from small-scale trades. No one starts a business with the aim of remaining stagnant and struggling just to earn barely sustainable profits. You will obviously want to reach a level where the business works for you. Scaling up and automation is the secret to let your business work for you, not you work for it. In this book, you will find all the information you need to scale up and automate your Etsy business so that your small business grows into a big handmade crafts empire like all other empires that began small.
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Here's What's Included In this Book:

What is Etsy?
Should You Sell on Etsy?
How to Open an Etsy Storefront
Best Products to Sell on Etsy
Marketing on Etsy
Scaling Up Your Etsy Business
Etsy Business Automation

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This book is unauthorized but fair use of Etsy trademark. All information in this book is my own and is not endorsed by Etsy.
45 printed pages
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