Anthony Harris

Adventures of Little Mikey

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Little Mikey is 10 years old and lives with his mom, dad, and sister. His full name is Michael Vincent Harris, but many people call him Little Mikey because, in his first-grade class, there were two Mikeys — one big and one little. Since he was smaller than Big Mikey, his friends started calling him Little Mikey and the other Mikey, Big Mikey. Nearly every day, whether at school, at home, or at play, Little Mikey seems to get himself into some type of mischief or trouble. The mischief and trouble he gets into doesn't cause anyone to get hurt. He never bullies anyone. He never uses foul language. And he never uses violence to solve problems. But he makes decisions that sometimes cause him to get into trouble with his parents and teachers. When Little Mikey makes a mistake and finds himself in trouble, he knows to follow three steps: 1. Admit that he made the mistake. 2. Apologize. 3. Promise to try not to make the same mistake again. Each school day, his teachers, counselors, and principals remind him and the other kids of those three important steps, which are not intended to punish. Instead, they are intended to help them to become better at resolving conflict and making learning more fun and exciting.Join Little Mikey, his family, and his best friend, Ricardo, in a series of stories about Little Mikey's daily adventures as a 10-year old kid. Some of the stories will make you laugh and cause you to think that Little Mikey is a really cool kid. When one of his mistakes makes him feel sad, you might even feel sorry for him. Some of the stories might make you ask: What would I have done if I were Little Mikey? Why did Little Mikey do that? What could Little Mikey have done to avoid getting into trouble and mischief?
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