Valerie Lewis

Heart Healthy Diet: Paleolithic and Grain Free Recipes to Promote Better Health

Heart Healthy Diet: Paleolithic and Grain Free Recipes to Promote Better Health This cookbook combines the healthy foods of the Paleolithic Era with today's living. Section one consists of what is commonly referred to as the 'caveman diet' and why it has beneficial to the human body for millions of years. Of course, millions of years ago, there was no bread, as we know it today, leading into Section two, Grain Free Recipes. Both sections will impress you with tantalizing meals that seem too good to be healthy. Entrées with meat, chicken, eggs and a great mixture of vegetables, fruit and nuts, are creative, tasty and good for lowering blood pressure and BMI. Learn how to prepare items like coconut chicken strips and taco pie that will introduce you to new ingredients that you never knew existed. Side dishes, soups, snacks and desserts are also included in the first section.
87 printed pages
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