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It's Twice or More Polluted Inside Homes

There is no place like home.  But unknown to us, there are unimaginable number of pollutants all over our home that we unconsciously inhale, ingest and even put closest to your skin. Luckily, going green is now an uptrend!

As an herbal garden business owner, it comes with great sadness to me when patients who suffer from cancer, diabetes and kidney diseases, ranging from 5 to 80 years old, visit us to buy medicinal plants.  They complain of the difficulty of shifting to a natural diet, and even more, adapting to the green lifestyle recommended to them by their natural doctors.  To be more pro-active, many health-conscious people have also embraced this green advocacy for the future of their loved ones.

Humans are natural beings who need natural solutions. The body requires an organic lifestyle to provide it with proper nourishment and care.  This book contains helpful information that will help you choose your food, skin and hair care products, and even baby products.  It will also help you identify the different kinds of pollution that comes from non-organic food, plastic containers, vehicular emissions, and even electromagnetic radiation emitted by appliances and computers.

As a housewife, I have researched and experimented on the easy green living formulas found on this book.  I learned to produce do-it-yourself scented oil, mosquito and pest repellents, and potpourri out of my garden herbs. I also learned how to prepare homemade floor wax, wood cleaners, and kitchen cleaners from natural materials.  These practical preparations transformed my home into a chemical-free household that helps prevent allergic reactions while doing the chores.

Awareness is the key to your family’s sustainable living. Let this book help you identify all the pollution entering your domestic territory, and empower you to making more informed choices in creating a green home life.

Together, let us have a safe, fresh, healthy and joyful comfort zone!
95 printed pages
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