Victoria Blisse,Lucy Felthouse,Alcamia Payne,Izzy French,Kristina Wright,Beverly Langland,Heidi Champa,Sadie Wolf,Kitti Bernetti,Amelia Fox,Carole Archer,Deva Shore,Elizabeth Black,Harriet Hamblin,Jennie Treverton,Scarlett Sanderson

Ultimate Curves

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A book of erotic short stories that celebrate full figure fabulousness. The ultimate collection for gorgeous, sexy, curvy girls and the men who love them! Stories in this book include a Rubenesque life model who discovers her artist prefers skin to canvas, a cake baker who gets two very special deliveries, a university administrator who finds satisfaction in her secluded office and a lady who enjoys a Sapphic shower session in the gym.

The Watcher by Kristina Wright

Sometimes a Peeping Tom can be the person over the road, rather than someone lurking in the bushes, and it takes a little while for the curvaceous Maisy to realise that the object of his interest isn't her roommates Sara and Karen.  Armed with that knowledge she decides it's time to take things into her own hands, with surprising results.

Clara's Cakes by Izzy French

Little girls are made of sugar and spice, which is why Clara is so good at cooking up little treats for the local cafes and tea shops.  Yet when one of the motorcycle couriers admits to being a baker as well, Clara discovers that two many cooks in the kitchen can actually be a very good thing.

Private Dancer by Carole Archer

James is the perfect husband.  Even though the corporate hospitality means having to accompany clients and work colleagues to a local lap-dancing club, which is something he really doesn't want to do.  Allison is the perfect wife, and she knows it always takes two to tango.

Love at First Light by Harriet Hamblin

Cassie isn't the sort of woman who believes in aromatherapy and the ability of smells to change her mood, or her life.  But when she steps into the candle shop and accepts the proprietor's recommendation, she finds things are not always as simple as they seem.

Princess Beatrice by Sadie Wolf

A birthday wish is something you can hold dear, but usually kept a secret.  For Beatrice, a change in life brought her happiness, or so she thought.  But when she summons up her courage and decides to gamble her happiness on a birthday wish, even she isn't sure of the outcome.

Where Phone Sex Can Lead by Deva Shore

When Carmen decided to branch out on her own it was because she had found a caller who managed to tickle her audio g-spot just by the sound of his voice.  So much so that she decided to call him on a private line.  When one thing leads to another, it's Carmen who lets her fingers do the walking on the telephone man.

Wanted, Exhibitionists by Jennie Treverton

Art for Art's sake?  When curvatious librarian tires of her weight-obsessed work colleagues she decides it's time for her to do something totally radical and different.  She answers an advert on the library noticeboard – an artist is looking for models to help create an exhibition piece.  Soon Greta discovers that artist Stevie intends to make a name for herself, and that Modern Art isn't all about oil on canvas – it involves a lot of video footage as well.

In the Bakery by Kristina Wright

Unlike the rest of the bakery staff, Bernadette doesn't mind working with Vincent on the morning shift, even though he can be demanding and often seemingly unreasonable.  Then one day she is late for work, and Vincent decides it's time for her to learn a lesson.  But the tables are turned as Bernadette realizes she's his rounded and ample flavour of the week.

Watching by Victoria Blisse

Everyone has their invisible friend, don't they?  But via the Internet and computers virtual strangers can enter your fantasies as easily as if they were in the room with you.   And Todd knows what to say, what to suggest, and what excites you.  And as the line between fantasy and reality blurs you know that Todd really is the man of your dreams.

The Photographer's Muse by Scarlett Sanderson

When Cathy replied to an advert from a photographer seeking a curvy and voluptuous model, she didn't think she'd be picked.  Now it's her first day in her new life and she's worried that she won't have a clue what to do.  But under James' artistic direction she soon finds her stage fright disappears and he's looking for more than just one encore.

Meeting My Husband Again by Deva Shore

Home is the sailor, and for Melissa the two year absence of her husband John has led to her coming to terms with her own feelings about her body.  No longer supermodel thin after the birth of their first child, she finds she has no desire to go back to her Size 8 self.  Her only worry is how John will react to her new-found bountiful body.

Fashionably Late by Heidi Champa

It's party time, and hosts Sarah and James are getting ready to meet and greet their guests.  But Sarah's failing self confidence is causing her no end of problems, and some serious doubts as to what to wear.  Thankfully James knows just the right course of therapy to cure her of her self doubt.

A Lucky Man by Lucy Felthouse

It's an awful lot like Christmas, isn't it?  That's usually the time when you just cannot decide whether you'd really prefer a leg, or a nice mouthful of breast.  And even admiring a round and firm parson's nose only distracts you all the more, making it difficult for you to try and explain why you feel so bad about having to choose just the one to enjoy.

The Beautiful Move in Curves by Elizabeth Black

There is only one thing more exciting than convention sex, and that is getting some before you set off to the convention itself.  Olivia is off to a weekend Science Fiction convention to meet Jeremy for the first time in the flesh.  She sent him a photo beforehand, but she's still worried he won't find her more fuller figure attractive in real life.  Thankfully Kevin is on hand to reassure her, and to get her motor humming before she's even made it to the registration desk!

Chocolate Lover by Victoria Blisse

When it's a young lady's birthday a husband usually brings her some flowers and some dainty little treats.  But there's really only one way to satisfy a full bodied woman who's not only a chocoholic but who is also a hungry cockoholic, and that is with a perfect replica made from the finest Belgian sweet.

Mama Nana by Alcamia

To Michael, a writer living in Paris, Mamma Nana is a strangely exotic and compulsively attractive Jazz singer.  He becomes entranced by the large, dark skinned woman, much to the anger of Maxine, his girlfriend.  But when Mama Nana's birthday party ends and the bar clears, the only people left are Michael and Nana, and Mama don't take no for an answer.

Two for One by Kitti Bernetti

Sometimes an offer seems too good to be true, and sometimes the person offering it doesn't come through with the goods.  Which was Craig's modus operandi – all flirting talk and no action.  That is until two women decide it's time to take control of the situation and hold him to his promises.

Workout by Beverly Langland

Some people go to a gym because they want to, while others go because they feel they have to.  Or in this case in order to please Roger by losing a few pounds here and there, even though Julia really doesn't want to.  But then, in the showers after a round of aerobics, Helen shows Julia just how enjoyable a really professional workout can be.

Painted Lady by Amelia Fox

Patrick is an artist who wants to paint the perfect voluptuous woman, and he thinks he might have found her in the form of Victoria.  Victoria thinks it's just going to be another life class assignment, but as the initial sketches progress, Patrick starts to find he has a desire to really paint Victoria.  And it isn't very long before she becomes impressed with his brushwork.

The Ivory Tower by Izzie French

Universities can be dry and dusty places, and so can the professors and the dons.  Which was why researcher come personal assistant Charlie loved it when her new office turned out to be at the top of one of the towers.  Then Professor Markham calls by and before long the two of them are discussing more than just extra-curricular activities.
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