Victoria M Cochrane

Raising the Energies of Mother Earth Before and After Ascension

Mother Earth has ascended and can no longer exist in the negative energies of the Third Dimension. This book reveals the truth behind Ascension in 2012 and explains how people can save the world by raising their energies to the state of oneness and unconditional love of the Creator.

We now have a new chance to build a future free of war, religion and the illusion of separation from God. The Great Cosmic Council brings forth the highest truth of the universe through the channelling of author Victoria Cochrane in a bid to expel the fallacies that we have come to believe. They tell the truth about creation, our oneness with the Creator of All That Is and of how our life here on Earth is the way our souls learn the lessons we have chosen to learn for our spiritual evolvement.
63 printed pages
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