Gerard Janeway

Fundamentals Of Kids Soccer Training

It is the goal of this book to teach the reader the fundamentals of soccer training especially for children or kids. There are a few differences between the adult and children's soccer and this book is targeted towards the latter. This book can also be an indispensable resource for the novice soccer coaches making the transition from regular to kid's soccer training.
One of the differences for example is your restricted to less physical movements. One must also bear in mind that children must do this for fun first and foremost otherwise they might go to  hate this sport and avoid training. Intensity of training also cannot be as intense as children in general suffer from attention difficulties and do get bored easily. Needless to say,  you need just to be more gentle in general.
This book is specifically for the goal of of helping kids improve their game performance and help them enjoy the training. Likewise, for the newbie coaches who must learn the fundamentals of kid's soccer training.
Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover…
Soccer Tips: Blocking
Selecting The Right Gloves For Goalkeeping In Soccer
Coaching Soccer
Soccer Tips: Drills
Handling Shin Splints
Efficiently Coaching Girls In Soccer
Proper Hydration
Exploring Different Types Of Soccer Training Camps
Exploring The Benefits Of Soccer Training For Children
Finishing The Shot
Fundamental Skills Required For Soccer Training
Soccer Stamina
Soccer Dribbling
Training Dribbling Abilities
Dealing With Head Injuries
Important Coaching Accessories For Soccer Training
Boosting Speed
Soccer Shoes
Much,much more!!!
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