Elaine Perry,Nicolette Perry

Your Brain on Plants

A practical, authoritative reference guide to more than 50 medicinal plants that offer natural, safe ways to optimize your brain health.
Expert authors and mother-daughter team Elaine and Nicolette Perry have mastered an ever-growing body of scientific research (some of which they themselves pioneered) on how medicinal plants can help you sleep soundly, reduce stress, improve your memory, and simply feel better—in body and mind.
Organized to easily steer you toward the best remedies for your individual needs, Your Brain on Plants presents:Calming BalmsCognition BoostersBlues BustersSleep PromotersPain RelieversExtra EnergizersMind-Altering PlantsPlant Panaceas
Within each of these chapters are detailed entries for the medicinal plants and herbs suited to the task, including what scientists know about them, their active ingredients, and guidelines regarding their safe use. Make-at-home recipes for foods, teas, tinctures, balms, and cordials demonstrate how simple it is to benefit from everything these plants have to offer. Plus, foods naturally containing ingredients proven to alleviate symptoms appear throughout the book, along with complementary wellness practices such as meditating (on a chamomile lawn), qi gong (in a wildflower meadow), and walking (in woodland).
Praise for Your Brain on Plants
“Two qualified nutritional specialists have assembled a clear, concise reference of well-known plants believed to benefit the brain . . . Fascinating facts and bits of folklore, controversies, and important herb-drug interactions add to this timely and intriguing text.” —Choice
“This unique volume focusing on plants for mental health will be of interest to anyone considering herbal medicines.” —Booklist
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