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Violet Haze

Hungry Heart

I’m in an open relationship with my long-term boyfriend, Nathan. He has another girlfriend while nobody has caught my eye yet. That is until Benedict Grant, a local businessman, approaches me at my favorite cafe and slides his card into my pocket.

What follows is a whirlwind romance between us where two hearts fall fast for one another, secrets kept become desires revealed, and the shocking murder of someone close to me leaves my world shattered and my heart broken.

When everything changes forever, and I’m left wondering if love alone is enough to make something last… will one man prove he’s worthy of soothing my hungry heart?
230 printed pages
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    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up

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  • Adawwiyah Harun (justloveme)has quoted5 months ago
    He moves and readjusts as we continue kissing, and then his hand is on my thigh and moving up under my skirt. Already riding up due to our position, it’s not long until he’s cupping my ass in his hands and making appreciative sounds into my mouth as he gives the cheek a squeeze.

    Sliding my hands up in his hair, I grab some as I rock my body up into his, which has him rocking into me in return. Our mouths alternate between tongues tangling and simple kissing, and his hand doesn’t move from my ass. We just lie here, kissing, and it’s the first time in a long while I’ve done nothing else but kiss.
  • Adawwiyah Harun (justloveme)has quoted5 months ago
    Instead, I place my hands on his shoulders, lifting my head off the couch until our lips press against one another as I make a decision for both of us. And it’s such a sweet, gentle, closed-mouth kiss; the kind where you both want it, and you’re not sure how far you can go, or how fast. His lips are soft yet firm, the taste of the scotch he drank on them, and with our mouths simply pressed together, I’m the first to give in. I open mine a little and he groans, his weight coming down on me more, pressing me into the sofa as his tongue invades my mouth with no sign of his earlier hesitation in sight.
  • Adawwiyah Harun (justloveme)has quoted5 months ago
    His eyes drop to my lips as I lick them, then back up to my eyes where the fire in them has relit.

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