Kate McMillan

Pasta Night

Pasta recipes to tempt family and friends, including baked dishes, veggie options, and even sides and salads.
Pasta is the go-to dish for a quick weeknight meal or a sumptuous weekend feast. This book runs the gamut of recipes, showing you how to make enticing and nutritious homemade dinners for any day of the week. Not only goes the book offer a variety of sauces—from pesto to Bolognese to Alfredo—it provides step-by-step instructions and illustrations for making your own pasta and will widen your repertoire by covering best sauces for various shapes, options for vegetarians, a full array of baked pasta dishes and tasty sides and salads. There’s even advice on how to put your own twist on ready-made sauces and on finding something that everyone will love.
Part of a series focusing on simple, yet delicious dinners for any day of the week—along with Chicken Night, Taco Night, and Pizza Night—this cookbook offers a selection of recipes that make it easy to please all ages and palates.
126 printed pages
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Weldon Owen
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