Michael Robertson

New Reality 3

Marie, eight months pregnant and grieving the loss of her parter, has fallen from grace in Nirvana. Recently a hardworking, privileged member of society, a chain of events has reduced her to nothing more than an estate rat and a drain on the system.
Under the oppressive boot heel of poverty—like all people on the estate—Marie battles the challenges of surviving the expansive gap between the two social classes. But Marie has one advantage … she has indisputable evidence that could bring down the company controlling the public, and grant a better life to her and her new peers. A daily witness to the corruption and greed that victimise and exploit the poor, she has to decide if she should use her evidence to try to shape a better world for those around her and that of her unborn child.
But with just weeks until she’s due to give birth, she will have to deal with unwanted attention from those she proposes to take down … attention that could end hers and her child’s life.
New Reality 3: Fear is a tale of dystopian horror.

226 printed pages
Original publication

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