Jacqueline Baird

Husband On Trust

After a whirlwind wedding to a mysterious mogul, a young woman discovers her new husband’s devastating secrets in this passionate romance.
Meeting sexy and dynamic entrepreneur Alex Solomos has transformed Lisa’s life. In the seven weeks since their whirlwind wedding, her confidence and happiness—both in and out of the bedroom—have grown enormously.
But Lisa finds she can’t shake some nagging doubts about her husband. As passionate as Alex may be, there are parts of his professional and personal life he insists on keeping from his new wife. She tells herself she’s being foolish, until she makes two shocking discoveries in one night.
194 printed pages
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  • Vijaya Vijayashared an impression4 years ago
    🌴Beach Bag Book


  • Shelly Fondahas quoted3 years ago
    table. The weather was scorching hot, and the drive back from Stratford-upon-Avon had been horrendous. She walked wearily upstairs to the bedroom, and kicking off her shoes, slipped out of her clothes. A shower or a swim in the pool? She couldn’t decide. Grimacing, she walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Maybe her determination to keep on running Lawson’s was not such a great idea. At the height of an exceptionally hot summer there was a lot to be said for being a lady of leisure. Especially with a husband like Alex.

    Five minutes later, when Alex joined her in the shower, she almost told him as much. Except he diverted her very effectively from all normal thought by a gentle but thorough assault on her senses until she could only stare into his deep dark eyes, her own hazed with mindless desire. She hadn’t even realised he was home…
  • Shelly Fondahas quoted3 years ago
    ‘Lisa, allow me to introduce you to my father, Leo, and don’t be taken in by his charm; it is his stock-in-trade.’
  • chiaractr25has quoted3 years ago
    more at the document in front of her. Even knowing it was only a matter

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