Neil Oliver

Escaping the Experience of Depression

Trapped in the experience of depression, it is extremely difficult to escape the experience without first intellectually understanding the complexities of your internal psychological experience. Without first understanding something, we cannot fix it. For this reason, many people experiencing depression long to escape their experience, but can't. Because their desire to break free is not reinforced with sound intellectual understanding, breaking free from the experience of depression is eventually believed to be an impossible achievement.
Escaping the Experience of Depression provides the conscious awareness necessary giving you the opportunity to escape your experience of depression. The answers you've been searching for to all the unanswered questions that are keeping you in a constant state of torment, frustration and personal defeat reside within. Once you breakthrough your own barriers of ignorance you cannot undo that which you know. Escaping the Experience of Depression provides you an opportunity to regain psychological control and achieve emotional stability. Within these pages you will discover the way out, you will be provided an opportunity to break free from the experience of depression, and you will learn how to stay free.

94 printed pages
Original publication
Neil Oliver


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