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Edwin Abbott

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

With wry humor and penetrating satire, Flatland takes us on a mind-expanding journey into a different world to give us a new vision of our own. A. Square, the slightly befuddled narrator, is born into a place which is limited to two dimensions—irrevocably flat—and peopled by a hierarchy of geometrical forms. In a Gulliver-like tour of his bizarre homeland, A. Square spins a fascinating tale of domestic drama and political turmoil, from sex among consenting triangles to the intentional subjugation of Flatland’s females. He tells of visits to Lineland, the world of one dimension, and Pointland, the world of no dimension. But when A. Square dares to speak openly of a third, even a fourth dimension, his tragic fate climaxes a brilliant parody of Victorian society.

An underground favorite since its publication in England in 1884, Flatland is as prophetic a science-fiction classic as the works of H.G. Wells, introducing aspects of relativity and hyperspace years before Einstein’s famous theories, and it does so with a wonderful, enduring enchantment.
123 printed pages
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  • Кирилл Моисеевshared an impression6 years ago
    🔮Hidden Depths

    Instigates you to step over your dimensional believes in an effort to grasp or to the least of it touch what could be an instance of a space of more than 3 dimensions.

    What could it be like to be capable of perceiving a space of negative dimensions?

  • Volcano Girlshared an impression2 months ago
    👍Worth reading

  • Danica Mitrovićshared an impression4 months ago


  • Kirsten Gunvor Løthhas quoted2 years ago
    "Pardon me," said I, "O Thou Whom I must no longer address as the Perfection of all Beauty; but let me beg thee to vouchsafe thy servant a sight of thine interior."
    Sphere. My what?
    I. Thine interior: thy stomach, thy intestines.
    Sphere. Whence this ill-timed impertinent request? And what mean you by saying that I am no longer the Perfection of all Beauty?
    I. My Lord, your own wisdom has taught me to aspire to One even more great, more beautiful, and more closely approximate to Perfection than yourself. As you yourself, superior to all Flatland forms, combine many Circles in One, so
  • Kirsten Gunvor Løthhas quoted2 years ago
    . But my Lord has shewn me the intestines of all my countrymen in the Land of Two Dimensions by taking me with him into the Land of Three. What therefore more easy than now to take his servant on a second journey into the blessed region of the Fourth Dimension, where I shall look down with him once more upon this land of Three Dimensions, and see the inside of every three-dimensioned house, the secrets of the solid earth, the treasures of the mines of Spaceland, and the intestines of every solid living creature, even the noble and adorable Spheres.
  • Kirsten Gunvor Løthhas quoted2 years ago
    I endeavoured to reassure her by some story, invented for the occasion, that I had accidentally fallen through the trap-door of the cellar, and had there lain stunned.

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