Henry Thomas Hamblin

The Power of Thought / The Life of the Spirit

This edition is a double feature containing the works “The Power of Thought” and “The Life of the Spirit”.

In “The Power of Thought” an attempt is made to show how the reader can, by changing his thoughts and mental attitude, “reverse the lever” and come into harmony with the Divine Idea. When this is accomplished, his life will blossom like the rose, “he shall be led forth with peace; the mountains and the hills shall break before him into singing, and all the trees of the eld shall clap their hands.” “The Life of the Spirit” attempts to deal only with inner religion. In the Spirit we can all become one, although on the surface we may not be able to agree at all. The Kingdom of the Spirit is eternal and unchanging. Theology and doctrine change from age to age, but the inner Spiritual Reality is the same always.
114 printed pages
Original publication



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