Sasha Moon

Stolen By The Alpha


No way was I going to marry someone just because my father said I had to. I was an adult. I could do what I wanted. But not according to my Alpha Father. Apparently, he’d meticulously arranged this marriage for me.

I couldn’t fathom why he would do such a thing.

Curious about the alpha, I snuck up behind him. But he caught me. I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me, but in the end he had the endurance and I didn't.

I feared this was the end.


A wolf and a rabbit? Ha! That’s a good one. I scoffed as my father informed me about my betrothed. This was a joke, right? I mean, I eat rabbits for breakfast and now you’re telling me that I’d be mated to one?

That was the best laugh I’d had in a long while.

Then I saw my Alpha Father’s dead-set eyes and I stopped laughing.

Wait? This isn’t some kind of twisted April Fool’s joke?

I was sure this was going to turn out terrible, but I went to the ball our parents set up. We were both from upper-crust society, so it was expected. I expected to have a nice dinner, maybe some dancing and then a nice, heart-to-heart talk with his Alpha Father where we could clear up this little…misunderstanding.

What I didn’t expect was for him and our babies to be kidnapped.

This 15k word story contains an HEA, Mpreg, and babies at the end. Cute babies. Insufferable little tykes that get into all sorts of trouble.
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