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Woody Allen

Apropos of Nothing

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    Мариshared an impression3 months ago
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    gerardinosshared an impression3 years ago
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    Мариhas quoted3 months ago
    I have to say Naomi is not only a terrific movie star and very beautiful, but she has the sexiest two upper front teeth in show business.
    Мариhas quoted3 months ago
    Since Mia and I had not been the lovers the public imagined, I had been very ripe for a more meaningful relationship. It could have been some actress, a secretary, a dental hygienist who liked Swedish movies.
    Мариhas quoted3 months ago
    As for the dynamite blondes, the idea of Veronica Lake heating up over some paunchy shamus who couldn’t score with a nymphomaniac on a desert island using Spanish Fly made me laugh.

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