Jonathan Swift

A Tale of a Tub

Jump into Jonathan Swift's take-no-prisoners parody of seventeenth-century Christianity. Equal parts uproarious humor and incisive satire, A Tale of a Tub dissects the foibles and shortcomings of three brothers, each of whom represents a different branch of the Christian religion. Swift, himself a clergyman, sealed his reputation as one of England's most ruthless — and notorious — satirists with the book's publication. It's a thought-provoking and rollicking read whether you're a believer or a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic.
165 printed pages
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    Whoever has an ambition to be heard in a crowd must press, and squeeze, and thrust, and climb with indefatigable pains, till he has exalted himself to a certain degree of altitude above them. Now, in all assemblies, though you wedge them ever so close, we may observe this peculiar property, that over their heads there is room enough; but how to reach it is the difficult point, it being as hard to get quit of number as of hell.
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