Joseph Marion

Meal Prep

In this book, you will find 165 healthy, delicious, easy to prepare, money and time saving meal prep recipes that will set
you on the path to rapid weight loss and healthy living. 
Clean and healthy eating can be really challenging combined with the hectic schedules and engagements we have to sort through
on a daily basis. Meal Prepping is the solution to eating healthy and eating clean; making sure you have delicious and
nutritious meals everyday of the week. The stress involved in cooking and cleaning every now and then is completely
eliminated by making large healthy meals weekly at a go.
The recipes in this book are easy to read, with a step by step approach to each meal written. Each recipe contains a detailed
preparation time, cook time, servings & yield, list of ingredients needed, a comprehensive preparation and storage guide. You
will find various assorted and delicious 
a) Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes  
b) One pot recipes
c) Wrap recipes
d) Muffin, tins, cups and mug recipes
e) Salad recipes
f) Chicken recipes
g) Snacks and dessert recipes
h) Soup recipes
i) Beverages, and
j) Veggie recipes 
You are one step closer to shedding weight, saving money and time, eating clean, and having a completely healthy lifestyle.
142 printed pages
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