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Yearbook of Astronomy 2020

The celebrated annual for sky-watchers and stargazers, including references and a variety of fascinating articles.
The Yearbook of Astronomy series is known for its comprehensive jargon-free monthly sky notes and authoritative sky charts that enable backyard astronomers and sky-gazers everywhere to plan their viewing of the year’s eclipses, comets, meteor showers, and minor planets, as well as detailing the phases of the moon and visibility and locations of the planets throughout the year. Every annual edition also includes a variety of entertaining and informative articles. Among the wide-ranging articles in this edition are:
  200 Years of the Royal Astronomical SocietyThe Naming of StarsAstronomical SketchingDark Matter and GalaxiesEclipsing BinariesThe First Known Black HoleA Perspective on the Aboriginal View of the World, and more  
First appearing in 1962, shortly after the dawning of the Space Age, Yearbook of Astronomy continues to be essential reading for any sky-watcher or stargazer, amateur and professional alike, who wants to expand their knowledge of the universe and its wonders.
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