Claudio Scolastici,David Nolte

Mobile Game Design Essentials

In DetailMobile game development can be split into 2 core tasks: game programming and game design. Although there are a number of books on mobile gameprogramming, there are hardly any books that focus on end-to-end game design. Moreover, it's a well established fact that game design is equally important while creating top quality games for both PCs and mobiles.
The gaming industry is now moving towards the mobile market from the traditional PC and mobile gaming has become a serious business.
The aim of this book is to offer a guide to those who are willing to test their skills in this potentially, very profitable segment.
It will provide useful information about the tools you need to develop well done games for mobile, how to take advantage of the limits of a mobile phone to design perfect gameplay and which are the best business models to adopt in order to make money out of your games.
ApproachA step-by-step guide.
Who this book is forThis book is for all game developers, designers, and hobbyists who want to create assets for mobile games.
503 printed pages
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