Becky Lee Weyrich

Gypsy Moon

From the author of Stars in Her Eyes, a woman finds the man she loves, only to be kidnapped and discover he is cursed.
From the first moment Charlotte sees the magnificent Mateo perform in the dazzling Gypsy show, a passion ignites inside her. Both of them alone and penniless in the small circus town, Charlotte knows she’s found the man for her. But even as Mateo returns her ardor, fate wrenches them apart before their love can be truly realized.
Condemned by an ancient curse that will force him to marry another, Mateo must find his way back to his beloved Charlotte without going mad beneath the fiery light of the Gypsy moon.
Winner of the RT Book Reviews Lifetime Achievement Award
“Weyrich is one of the finest, most ingenious, and gifted writers.”—Romantic Times
397 printed pages
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