Suzanne Brockmann

Get Lucky

A Navy SEAL teams up with a feisty journalist to catch a dangerous criminal in the New York Times–bestselling author’s thrilling military romance.
While the men of Alpha Squad deploy on a dangerous mission, Luke “Lucky” O’Donlon stays behind for his sister’s wedding. But it turns out his elite skills are needed at home—when a serial rapist starts terrorizing San Felipe. Suspecting the culprit might be a SEAL, Lucky joins a local task force to unmask the menace. And that’s when he meets journalist Sydney Jameson . . .
Sydney isn’t the typical arm candy Lucky goes for, but he’s used to women swooning at his feet. So why does this smart, no-nonsense reporter seem immune to his charms? As they work together on their dangerous assignment, Lucky is determined to turn her frosty attitude around—and make her fall head over heels for him.
250 printed pages
Original publication
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Harlequin, HQN Books
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