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William Gibson

Burning Chrome

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Best-known for his seminal sf novel Neuromancer, William Gibson is actually best when writing short fiction. Tautly-written and suspenseful, Burning Chrome collects 10 of his best short stories with a preface from Bruce Sterling, now available for the first time in trade paperback. These brilliant, high-resolution stories show Gibson's characters and intensely-realized worlds at his absolute best, from the chip-enhanced couriers of "Johnny Mnemonic" to the street-tech melancholy of "Burning Chrome."
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229 printed pages
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  • Дмитрий Безугловshared an impression7 years ago
    🔮Hidden Depths

    Взрослый мужчина Уильям Гибсон ещё осваивается в роли молодого писателя (как он замечает в беседе с Paris Review, «I was one of those annoying people who know they are going to do something in the arts, but never do anything about it.»), — и шпарит короткие, злые, конденсированные истории.
    Ни одного лишнего слова, всё по делу.
    Обязательны, на мой взгляд, истории The Gernsback Continuum – рассказ о фотографе, которого преследуют видения будущего «по Ле Корбюзье»; The Belonging Kind — рассказ, который рекомендую всем, кто занимается социологией повседневности / микросоциологией (он посвящен мастерам мимикрии, облепляющим бары и вечеринки).


  • Дмитрий Безугловhas quoted7 years ago
    You’re the kind who always reads the handbook. Anything people build, any kind of technology, it’s going to have some specific purpose. It’s for doing something that somebody already understands. But if it’s new technology, it’ll open areas nobody’s ever thought of before. You read the manual, man
  • Eira Rangelhas quoted3 years ago
    Sendai eyes are notorious for depth-perception defects and warranty hassles, among other things.
  • Eira Rangelhas quoted3 years ago
    Some kind of neural-feedback weapon, and you connect with it only once. Like some hideous Word that eats the mind from the inside out. Like an epileptic spasm that goes on and on until there’s nothing left at all .

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